Revive Your Equipment with Services for Small Engine Repair

The engine is a vehicle’s main powerhouse. Through the process of burning fuel, it produces mechanical power. The engine comprises of various components like fuel, exhaust, ignition, cooling, combustion, and lubrication. Small engines are primarily used for powering vehicles or equipment which run on low-powered internal combustion. Lawn mowers, generators, concrete mixers, pumps, snow blowers and several other machines are run with the help of small engine which requires independent power sources.

Small engines structurally consist of a single-cylinder and a few V-twin units. They are ideal for low-displacement motor vehicles like motorcycles, ATV’s and go-karts. The individual systems in small engines work together to produce power. Each of these systems togetherform a constitution of components to ensure the smooth functioning of internally gasoline-powered machines.

Common Problems with Small Engines

If your land mower or small engine outdoor power equipment stops working, these could be the probable maintenance issues and areas which need small engine repair. These inputs come from experienced professional for small engine repair in Westborough.

  • The Problemin the Fuel Line

Once you spot a problem with the machine, ensure thatthe fuel is fresh and the tank is full. Closing the shut-off valve is of utmost importance. Often the problem in the fuel line sparks off due to clogging and blocking in the inlet screen and fuel tank cap respectively.

  • CarburettorIssues

In the small engine devices, the most common problem isblocking of the carburettor and flooding of the engine. Problems with the spark plug is another common issue that small engine owners face. Sometimes, you might also face choking of the fuel bowl too.

  • Ignition and Compression Problems

If you face issues with compression in the small engine, ensure checking the valves, pistons, cylinder and connecting rods. Ifthese are dirty and stripped, ignition issues might crop up. If the spark plug is dirty, or if the plug gap is incorrectly set or there is ashortening of kill switch, then ignition problems are likely to arise.

  • Overheating

This is a grave concern for both the vehicle and the operator. Leaking gasket, lean fuel mixture, dirty engine, lack of oil or the absence of cooling fans can lead to overheating.

  • Smoke Emission from the Engine

Blue or white smoke emission signifies that the oil is burning. Black smoke signifies aproblem with the carburettor. Often plugged and dirty air filters too tend to cause smoke emission.

  • Knocking Engine

If your engine has a faulty spark head or has the flywheel loosely attached, it is a sign of knocking engine. Excess carbon in the combustion chamber can cause knocking of the engine as well.

  • Spark Plugs

The small engines tend to run poorly, when the spark plug buckles under load. This, in turn, is a result of faulty breaker points, weak valve spring or faulty setting of the carburettor.

Quick Tips on Small Engine Repair in Westborough

  • Clean the Fuel Tank

For an effective small engine,fuel should be stored in suitable containers. Add a fuel stabilizer to ensure there is a decreased rate of compound evaporation of gasoline. The stabilizer also prevents the fuel from absorbing air moisture. Change the oil after every 50 hours of use when the engine is still warm. If your equipment has a push primer, create the right air-fuel mix for the engine. Clean the oil stains with degreaser and for clogging clean with a brush or gauge wire.

  • Carburettor Cleansing

For small engine repair of carburettor, remove gas from it and turn off the fuel valve. After draining out excess fuel, clean it with carburettor cleaner or brake cleaner by spraying it into all the fuel lines. Scrub all parts with a wire brush and then spray choke cleaner, for clearing out debris, blow compressed air into all the holes.

  • Countering Engine Overheating and Compression Problems

A dirty engine tends to cause overheating. To counter this, take off the mower case and clean out all the debris within. With compressed air, vacuum or toothbrush, get rid of all the debris. In case of low oil level, allow the engine to completely cool down and then add sufficient oil to bring up the oil level.

Fix the broken cooling fins and damaged shrouds to counter overheating issues related to small engine repair. Proper valve clearance and ensuring there is no leakage are pre-requisites for handling problems pertaining to compression repair.

  • Curbing Smoke Emission and Problems of Knocking Engine

Smoke emission is a sign of burned fuel and an integral aspect of small engine repair. For this, proper valve clearance is necessary along with proper plugging in off fuel injectors. Engine deposits cause black smoke, which you can fix by adding detergent to the diesel fuel. Using a multifunctional treatment like Dee-zol reduces deposits and fuel burn. Cleaning of dirty cylinders and reducing the compression ratio can alleviate problems of knocking engine. Worn out spark plugs require new installation with the correct heat range regulated.

Small engines work well on tillers, chainsaws and edgers as well as outboard boats, snowmobiles and ultralight aircraft with equal efficiency. Proper maintenance of the various constituent parts is vital for smooth functioning of the small engine. Small engine repair DIY troubleshooting is suitable for small issues. However, for proper resolution, it is recommended to contact the experts.

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Easy Troubleshooting Tips for Small Engine Problems

Small engine-driven vehicles like lawnmowers, snowmobiles, golf carts, and motorcycles amongst others have been helping humans in performing various daily-life activities, since the advent of technology in our lives. It is often wrongly assumed that the development of problems in these machines spells the end of their working lives, and calls for the replacement of their engines. However, undertaking small engine repair through the use of commercially available repair and replacement kits, and the recruitment of specialized technicians for small engine repair in Northborough is a relatively easy task.

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How to Choose a Leaf Blower That Saves You Small Engine Repair Costs?

The season of fall is aptly named, everyone agree Small engine repair Hopkintones to that. The tree-lined streets become spectacular photo-shoot locations with naked tree branches at the top and golden leaves covering the earth. However, not everything looks so scenic. Your garden and yard could get filled with crackling leaves that need cleaning. That necessity led to the invention of leaf blowers. These are great machines and that doesn’t require much small engine repair in Hopkinton.

Leaf blowers have replaced the obsolete technique of poking leaves with long, pointed rods and piling them together at one place. That method took lots of time and effort while leaf blowers neither take much time nor effort. You cannot depend on the wind to blow away leaves from your porch so you create the wind yourself. Leaf blowers have become a necessary addition to your gardening equipment. Not just during the fall, you can use them in the summer to blow away dust and in the winter for the snow.

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Importance of Carburetor Maintenance to Prevent Frequent Small Engine Repair

Lawn mowers have indeed made life easy for all of us. Gone are the days when people had to spend hours mowing the yard. This amazing machine is a boon for the gardeners and homeowners who dreamt of a clean yard that does not take much effort to maintain. They are easy to maintain too. However, you need to take utmost care and maintain it, so that the cost for small engine repair in Ashland does not bother you every now and then.

What Is A Lawnmower?

A lawnmower is a simple machine which evenly cuts the grass to the required height using its revolving blades. It might involve a single blade that rotates about the vertical axis and cuts the grass or a system of multiple blades that rotate about a horizontal axis.

Different types of lawnmowers are available. Some of these require human power to move while others utilize a battery-powered or plug-in electric motor. New innovations are being continuously made and this has resulted in the invention of robotic lawnmowers which do not need to be operated like the traditional lawnmowers and have the facility of remote control operation.

Basic Lawnmower Parts

Before you take your lawnmower for small engine repair, you would need to figure out where the problem is. This is an impossible task to handle, if you do not understand the components of your lawnmower so here are some basic lawnmower parts that you need to be knowledgeable about.

1. Housing and Wheels: The housing or the framework of the lawnmower is mostly made up of steel but the supporting lawnmower parts can be made up of resin-based plastics which exhibit heat and vibration resistant properties. The mower housing is very important for the protection of the lawnmower as it covers all important parts of the lawnmower, including the engine.

2. Carburetor: The carburetor is a device that handles the fuel combustion occurring in the engine by blending the air and fuel required in the internal combustion engine in a proper ratio. It is a very crucial part of the lawn mower and functions as a mixer by regulating the amount of air and fuel that enter into the combustion chamber. This mixture is then ignited by the help of the spark plug.

3. Air Filter: For the long life of your lawn mower, a clean and function air filter is a very necessary component. The air filter performs the primary task of protecting the internal parts of the lawnmower’s engine by keeping away the dust particles. Although it is true that any lawnmower can function with or without an air filter, installing an air filter to your lawnmower is highly recommended as prolonged exposure to dust and debris will result in the contamination of the internal components and this would end in the eventual breakdown of the parts.

4. Spark Plug: It is the component that is responsible for igniting the air and fuel mixture that gets collected in the combustion chamber. When the engine’s piston is near the top of its stroke, electrical energy is transmitted to the plug which then produces a spark. The resulting explosion of the fuel-air mixture forces the piston down, causing the crankshaft to turn. The crankshaft rotates and as a result, the piston is pushed back up and the whole cycle repeats again and again.

5. Blades: The blades are sharp-edged and are usually present in the numbers of twos. They rotate at a very high-velocity perpendicular to their axis. Their high velocity enables them to cut even the thickest patches of grass.

Carburetor of a Push Type Lawnmower

The carburetor is a very important part of the lawnmower. Its design is basically the same in all push-type lawnmowers with the fuel tank being located just below the carburetor. It takes advantage of the suction created by the cylinder cycle to regulate the amount of fuel and air vapor entering inside. If more fuel enters the combustion chamber than there would more explosions and as a result, the blades of the lawnmower would move faster.

Taking care of the carburetor is an essential step for keeping your lawnmower in the best condition. Regular maintenance of the carburetor can save you from spending lots of money for repair in future.

How to Detect a Problem in the Carburetor?

If the engine is left to sit too long with gas still in it, it can result in a corroded carburetor. When the carburetor is gummed up, the small engine takes too long to start or does not start at all. Cleaning the main fuel jet with the help of carburetor cleaner might help to dissolve the deposits. You can even use compressed air to blow away dirt and debris. However, if the situation is not resolved, you might have to remove it from the mower and consider some replacement.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with the carburetor in your lawnmower, there are many reputed service providers that deal with small engine repair in Ashland.

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Common Problems with Your Chainsaw that Require Small Engine Repair

Having a big property of land comes with loads of responsibilities. If you have a lawn in front of your house, chances are that you have trees there. It is good to have greenery around your house and gardening also soothes the soul. Taking care of the garden is easy when you have a love for it and do it as a hobby. You just have to acquire tools that can help you in keeping your lawn looking great every day. At times, these machines would need small engine repair in Hudson, especially your chainsaw.

Chainsaws are great machines. They are the modern forms of axes. Cutting trees with an ax could take hours of hard work. A chainsaw cuts down both the time and effort that it takes to cut extra branches and trees. When you do learn to use it properly, you realize that there is no better machine in the whole world which could make gardening so easy.

Common Chainsaw Problems

Like every machine chainsaws need maintenance as well. Before going into that in detail, have a look at some common problems that could arise with your chainsaw. It is susceptible to damage and even if you think that you take good care of it, problems could arise. That is when you would require the services of small engine repair. Here are some problems that you could face and what they mean.

  • Not Turning On: This problem can be the result of a poor carburetor so you might want to give that a check. Some other reasons for this are problems in the switches, the wiring, and ignition coils.
  • Starting and Stopping: When your chainsaw turns on but only for a few seconds and then turns off. If this problem does not go away you should get the parts checked. The plug spark arrestor screen, spark plug, the carburetor, and fuel filters can also be responsible for this problem.
  • Difficulty in Starting: Your chainsaw does start but only after a lot of effort also means that there are problems in its parts. Check out the fuel system, its air intake, and its spark system. Start with a check of the spark system and see if there is a big spark when you pull the cord to start the chainsaw. If that works fine, then move on to the air intake and exhaust systems and see if they are clean. There could also be problems in the fuel delivery system from the fuel tank to the carburetor through the fuel filter.
  • Poor Performance: When you get the feel of your chainsaw and it begins to underperform while having no problems in starting and running, it could mean that you have to turn the engine. Continue to perform regular maintenance of the machine and replace faulty and old parts like the air filter. If the problem persists then you can try to make some adjustments in the idle speed and the fuel ration on the carburetor.
  • No Turn Over: Chainsaws rarely reach the point when there is no turn over in their engine. However, when the engine is abused or the chainsaw has not been used for a long time, this could happen. This causes a lack of lubrication in the engine which generates a lot of heat due to friction in the metal. This causes the engine parts to fuse with each other. You have to seek the help of a small engine repair company to get it fixed. If the damage is too much, the cost of repair could equal the cost of a new chainsaw. Therefore, make sure to lubricate the chainsaw’s engine at all times, even if you don’t use it much.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Chainsaw

There are a lot of steps that you can take to ensure that your chainsaw remains in a good condition for a long time. Small things like having the correct oil and fuel ratio in the tank can help in its maintenance. The bar oil reservoir is also a crucial part you should check from time to time. Its function is to lubricate the chain which reduces the friction between the chain and the bar. Refill it every time you refill your fuel tank. This small act ensures that your chain, bar, and sprocket remain in top form for longer.

When you see that none of your maintenance steps are working, don’t stress yourself too much. Get help from a company that provides services of small engine repair in Hudson. However, it is better to prevent damage than to spend a fortune in mending it in the future. Maintain it regularly and don’t let your chainsaw lying around for too long.

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Some Handy Tips to Prevent Frequent Lawn Mower Repairs

Taking care of your lawnmower is really important. Some maintenance can go a long way in increasing the life of your lawnmower. Every machine needs maintenance to function properly. Without proper maintenance, even the most high-tech of the machines fail to operate efficiently. A lawnmower is no different. Come fall, you say goodbye to your mower till you see each other back in the spring when the weather is warmer and grasses are in full spurt. However, do not expect that since the mower was working efficiently in the late falls; it would function as efficiently in the next spring if you just pack it away like that. There are professionals to help you out with this lawn mower repairs in Westborough.

Some Tools to Help You Make DIY Repairs

Before you use the lawn mower, you might have to make some repairs on your own. Make sure you have a hammer, clamps, socket or ratchet set, spark plug, grease gun, square tip screw driver, oil filter wrench, shop vacuum, side cutter, torque wrench and some good plastic gloves. It is really handy, if you have the right tools with you so that you do not have to go to the professionals that do small engine repair in Westborough for everything.

Easy Tips to Maintain a Lawn Mower

Prevention is always better than cure. For homeowners out there, here are a few tips if you do not want to deal with frequent lawn mower repairs in Westborough.

Change the Oil Often

1. Old oil can damage your mower so before taking it out for use after the winter months, you must remember to change the oil after first five hours of use. Use the oil of the recommended viscosity only. It would do you good to change your oil and oil filter as often as possible.
2. Let the mower’s engine run for at least a minute before checking the mower’s oil.
3. Do not overfill your mower engine oil. You can avoid this problem by checking the oil level in the mower every five hours when it is being used.

Dealing With the Bad Fuel

1. Most lawnmowers need gasoline to function properly. Gasoline gets ruined easily if it is not used for a long time, especially if a fuel stabilizer is not added to it and this can create problems in the start up. Use stabilizers before storing your mower to prevent the oil from degradation during winter. Completely drying up the oil is another way dealing with bad fuel in a lawn mower.
2. Use unleaded gasoline only so that your mower does not need any unnecessary repairs.

Changing the Spark Plugs

1. Changing the spark plugs as often as recommended would save you a lot of expensive repair costs. At least change the spark plug before the mowing season.
2. Do not forcibly remove the old plug, use a spray to loosen it instead as using brute force can cause damage to the engine.
3. It is important to set the gap on the new plug before installing it.

Fuel Filters

Poor fuel filters are the reason behind carburetor rebuild and poor starts so you must replace the fuel filter as instructed by the manufacturer.

Lawnmower Blades
1. Blunt and worn-out blades leave a torn edge on the grass instead of making a clean cut and put pressure on the engine of the mower. This is why you must always replace any damaged blades.
2. Have spare blades on you for replacement.
3. You can always have your blades sharpened by a professional too.

Check On the Tires
1. Good tires are an essential part of the mower so make sure that the damaged ones are replaced.
2. Take care that the wheels in the push mowers are securely tightened.

Winter Care for Your Lawnmower

Winterizing your lawnmower can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Proper winter care ensures that your mower is bright and shining for its next use come spring.
1. Do not leave your mower lying around in the winter weather. It should be stored in a dry area like a shed or a garage.
2. If you have to keep the lawnmower in the open, put a lawnmower cover on it.
3. Drain the oil from the engine and replace it with clean oil. Use stabilizer to prevent the gasoline from going stale.
4. Wash off any debris clinging to the mower. The engine should be turned off while you do the cleaning.
These are some ways to take care of and avoid lawn mower repair in Westborough. For damages that you cannot fix, contact the experts.

For lawn mower repair in Westborough, contact Metrowest Lawn & Power Equipment. They are the one stop solution to all your lawn mower problems.

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The Types of Lawn Mowers You Can Pick From

They say variety is the spice of life, and nowadays, there’s variety almost everywhere, even when it comes to lawn mowers. Buying a lawn mower is no easy feat these days. You might think that you can make do with almost any kind of lawn mower, but that’s definitely not true. There are gas lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, and even riding lawn mowers for sale in Ashland. What kind of lawn mower you should buy should depend first and foremost on your lawn and its size, and of course, your budget.

If you have been thinking of buying a new lawn mower in the near future, here are the options you should be aware of!

Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Walk behind Lawn Mowers are undoubtedly the most popular lawn mowers in America, as they are extremely efficient and effective in the right setting. These two-stroke lawn mowers are known for their durability, and if you treat them with care and give them to the experts for performing routine maintenance, you can expect these lawn mowers to serve you well for a long time to come.

Over the years, there have been several variants of walk-behind lawn mowers that have been introduced. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

  1. Self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers: Self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers have witnessed a massive increase in popularity over recent years, especially as the number of lawns with inclines has increased. Indeed, these lawn mowers are an absolute blessing, particularly if your lawn has a lot of inclines. However, they are not recommended for out and out flat lawns, as maneuvering them may be quite difficult as these types of lawn mowers tend to be quite bulky.
  2. Gas or Electric Lawn mowers: Walk-behind lawn mowers are also available in gas and electric formats, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. While gas mowers are known for their durability and strength, they need regular maintenance. If not maintained regularly, they might cause a lot of cause. They can also be a bit more expensive than the self-propelled variants. While electric lawn mowers are much easier to use compared to gas mowers, they can be challenging in a few circumstances. For example, corded lawn mowers may be really difficult to use, especially if you have to mow a really large lawn but a really short cord. Both corded and cordless mowers are much more expensive than gas lawn mowers.

Riding Lawn Mowers

If you have a huge lawn, then you must consider riding lawn mowers for sale in Ashland. Large lawns can be incredibly difficult and time consuming to mow with aforementioned variants of lawn mowers, and that’s why riding lawn mowers have been developed.

These lawn mowers feature rear-mounting motors, and nowadays, there are some variants that have been developed to tackle smaller lawns. However, the standard riding lawn mower is one that is excellent for huge spaces, and they can be customized with a ton of attachments such as spreaders, snow throwers, and aerators. The engines on these lawn mowers are extremely powerful, and it’s no wonder that these varieties of lawn mowers are sold at incredible price.

Push Lawn Mowers

If you have a lawn that is small and easy to maintain compared to other bigger lawns, you should definitely consider buying a push lawn mower. These manually operated lawn mowers are ideal for lawns that are sized under 500 sq. feet. However, you need to be a bit fast while you use these mowers if you want the blades to be triggered in the most precise manner.

There are many new things that come in the world of lawn mowing. There are many people who cannot take care of their lawns, and in such situations, automatic lawn mowers can come in really handy. While using your lawn mowers, make sure that you read the manual carefully. If you operate the lawn mower without proper handling, you might have to face a malfunctioning lawn mower. To avoid, such a situation, keep your usage in mind while selecting the lawn mower. It is advisable to have a lawn mower that is easy to operate and repair too.

So, there you go, from riding lawn mowers for sale in Ashland to robotic lawn mowers to the very basic push lawn mowers, the aforementioned variants are more or less all the options you can find if you are out looking for a brand new lawn mower.

When you buy a lawn mower, remember to consult with the experts to determine exactly the right kind of lawn mower for your lawn.

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Lawn mower Repair in Ashland: Way to Prolong the Life of Your Mower

A lawn mower is outdoor equipment that is commonly seen in American households. Most of us would like to increase the lifespan of mowers as much as possible. However, as all machines and equipment have a certain lifespan; it applies for lawn mowers too. The best you can do is ensuring proper maintenance and timely lawn mower repair in Ashland. This, of course, requires some extra effort before, during, and after seasonal changes and past the mowing season. Year by year, you have to graduate to better care, maintenance, and timely and regular damage control.

Experts suggest that there are certain ways in which it might be possible to prolong the lifespan of your lawn mower. No matter how old it is, it can function like a new one if these following factors are maintained.

10 Ways to Maintain Lawn Mowers and Increase Its Lifespan

1: Check Lubrication Periodically

One of the major reasons for lawn mower repair in Ashland is the lack of lubrication. Now, since you know it, it is very important to ensure that the equipment is thor2: Do Not Use High-Ethanol Fuelsoughly lubricated. While checking its oil content and maintaining the equipment, take care of its engine. The engine needs maximum lubrication. In addition, the brakes, mower deck, and the wheels also need generous lubrication to run smoothly and noiselessly.

Consult the owner manual to check how much lubrication is needed at a certain point of time. The amount usually varies from one model to another. If the mower is not lubricated properly, it can cause the wheels or mower blades to lock up, or brakes might stick on the riding mower. While a normal fix is expensive, a new mower is definitely a bigger investment.

2: Do Not Use High-Ethanol Fuels

While ethanol fuel is highly recommended for lawn mowers, it is not the ultimate choice. There have been discussions and debates on this one topic several times and the result is the same. Ethanol ruins the engine if you do not keep up on the same. Well, and as you know, the engine is crucial and the most expensive component of a lawn mower. If it is damaged, only replacement is your option.

3: Pay Attention to Unusual Signs

As your health, machines, and equipment also give certain signs and symptoms that may be quite unusual and unlike normal. Do not overlook any symptoms as it could indicate a major problem. Lingering symptoms usually mean that the problems are worsening. If you do not consider lawn mower repair in Ashland immediately, it might lead to repairs that are more expensive in the long run. As a result, the lifespan of the lawn mower would also be shortened drastically.

4: Ensure the Blade is Sharp

A dull blade is not just bad for the lawn but it also makes the lawn mower work harder to produce quality results. Dull blades cut poorly. As a result, you might have to go back to the areas that were already done previously to give it a finishing touch. Moreover, the engine would also have to run harder and longer, which, in turn, reduces its lifespan.

5: Use Genuine Replacement Parts

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your lawn mower, always choose the right and genuine parts for replacement. If you try to save money at the stage of repair and maintenance, your mower would die down any day. In the end, poorly done repair cannot save the life of your lawn mower.

6: Read the Owner Manual Carefully

With respect to the mower you purchased, the owner manual contains all the necessary guidelines that you must follow in order to maintain it. No blog or article can over the in-depth knowledge of the manual. You can get subtle hints and ideas specific to the model of mower too.

7: Check the Oil Content before Using the Mower

It takes barely 30 seconds to check whether there is enough oil in the mower. There is no way you should fail in doing that. So before using the mower regularly, check the oil content to make sure the equipment functions properly and does not fail in the middle of the job.

8: Clean the Mower Regularly

It is very important to maintain the mower on a regular basis. Dried grass can get everywhere and block the air filter and carburetor of the equipment. Using compressed air, you must blow out the compartment of the engine and scrape off all the dried grass. Do not forget to clear all the clumps lying under the deck. Do not store the mower with grass on it.

9: Use the Equipment Carefully

Although it is very easy to operate a lawn mower, you should pay attention to the minute details and avoid safety hazards. For instance, if the mower runs over rocks, or bangs into some object, it would reduce the longevity of the engine. So, pay attention.

10: Always Call Professional for Help

If your mower needs immediate repair or maintenance, call a professional. Be friendly with the local mower repairperson and learn some tricks from him during free time.

For any kind of lawn mower repair in Ashland, always call a professional. It is very important to maintain the mower properly in order to prolong its life.

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How To Know Your Lawn Mower Needs Small Engine Repair Services in Ashland?

Lawn mowers are small machines that need proper maintenance because they are used every now and then. A watchful ear is needed to spot unheard sounds and weird noises being emitted from the machine regularly or once in a while. Prolonged negligence of the issue can lead to a bigger trouble, so, it’s best to call a professional for the Small Engine Repair in Ashland. Buying a new machine is always an option. However, getting the machine repaired in time helps you save money, effort and time.

Listed below are some signs that you should look out for:

Knocking Sound: Sometimes the lawn mower emits a knocking sound which may signify a bent or broken belt, a flywheel, high carbon combustion or out of order spark plug. You will need to get the problem detected once the sound comes because it can lead to a high-priced engine repair. The usage of the lawn mower should be stopped at once and taken for repairing in Ashland. Users need to have enough experience in handling the equipment to personally repair the same. But if that kind of experience is not available, getting touch with a small engine repair expert is the best option.

Rattling and Spluttering Sound: A lawn mower may also produce rattling sound, if there is a bent or loose part inside the machine. The machine should be stopped immediately once it starts making the sound, else, it may cause permanent damage to the lawn mower. The spluttering sound is produced when the rings of the mower get worn out. Cleaning the carburetor and getting the air filter replaced can lead to better maintenance of the machine and reduction of noises. Timely maintenance can help avoid expensive small engine repair in Ashland.

Starting Problems: The lawn is full of tall grasses and you are trying hard to get the machine started. This can happen as the machine starts to get older and may need several cranks before it actually starts working. The spark plug may also be responsible for such a situation. It may be clogged up with dirt or even loose and insufficiently gapped. May be the small engine is not getting started because the previous mechanic had used the wrong kind of spark plug. This little yet important part of the ignition system needs to be changed at the beginning of the season or after 25 hours of usage. Going through the manual can also help you put it right.

Too Much Smoke Emission: The lawn mower’s exhaust often emits a lot of smoke, if the rings and the head gasket are worn out. They need to be replaced quickly or else face serious repairs. Sometimes the base of the lawnmower deck contains a lot of debris which emit the smoke when the machine runs. A simple clean up job can take care of the smoke.

The Machine Consumes Excessive Gas: You may find the machine consuming way too much fuel than is required and have to refill between the mowing sessions. If the spark plug is not working properly, it is possible for the machine to consume extra oil.

Inconsistent Performance: The lawn mower may perform inconsistently by leaving behind patches while decelerating and accelerating at the same time. The machine might actually have clogged dirt in the carburetor or air filter which can equally affect the performance. Sometimes it can also be cause d because the blades are not sharp enough. But if the blades are not dull, it can be owing to the small engine’s poor performance which only an engine repair can fix. The small engine might require a lot of repairing, if the cleaning is not done properly.

Too Much Vibration from The Machine: The lawn mower produces a jarring effect while cutting the grass in the lawn. But if the vibration seems more than usual, there might be a problem with the machine. The small engine might be vibrating excessively because of a broken, loose or bent part. If the jarring is excessive then even the engine might move out of its place. During such times, it is best to take it to a professional repair centre and get it fixed. Periodic maintenance is the only way to ensure that the lawn mower works glitch-free.

Screeching Sound While Starting the Engine: The engine’s belt may at times produce a screeching sound during start up. If it has worn out, it should be replaced at once. Alternatively, it might have slipped out of position which will save you from small engine repair in Ashland. Sometimes the engine tends to shudder while moving on a heavy patch of grass. It might result from the accumulation of debris which prevents the small engine from functioning properly on heavier sections of the grass. Users need to be extra cautious while dealing with machines that have small engines because any amount of neglect can cost you a fortune.

Keep a note of these tell-tale signs to stay away from any major repair expenses. Keep your machine up-to-date with regular servicing and maintenance.

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Why is your small engine not working like before?

You are probably using your small engine equipment, be it a lawn mower, chain saw, lawn trimmer or any other outdoor power tool, for many years now. But not up to recently you had any major trouble with your machine. You may have stored it in your garage or basement during long winter months and brought it out with the official start of the summer just to notice it is not working as efficiently as it used to earlier.

Given right care and timely maintenance will keep your small engine equipment running at optimal performance for a decade or more. However, if your power tool isn’t functioning properly these days, perform the following checks, asks a small engine repair specialist in Ashland.

Check if the equipment has old gas

Every time you store your equipment for several months, one of the most important things is to drain the gas. Gas that has been sitting idle in your machine for more than 30 days can cause a severe harm to the engine. Make sure your machine has fresh gasoline every time you take it out.

Check if the air filter isn’t clogged

You can think of air filter as a breathing system of a human body. If the air filter on your small engine equipment is clogged up by debris and grime, your engine won’t be able to breathe properly. Clean the filter properly before you reattach it. If found damage, make sure you change it immediately at a local small engine repair shop in Ashland before you intend to use the machine.

Check if it has a fouled spark plug

Spark plug is an integral part of the ignition system of your small engine equipment. If your machine has a fouled plug, it can result in engine misfiring. Let an expert mechanic inspect the spark plug and find out if it isn’t clogged or damaged. Typically, it is recommended to change spark plug every year for the efficient functioning of the machine.

One can use a wire brush, a robust knife or a spray on plug cleaner to remove carbon deposits, dirt and debris out of the plug. According to most manufacturers, the small engine equipment owners need to replace spark plug every year.

Seek help of expert mechanics in Ashland

Whether your outdoor power equipment engine is making noise, running rough, getting idle in between or not starting at all or whatsoever problem you are witnessing, a professional small engine repair specialist in Ashland can fix it all. The expert mechanics can bring your equipment in up-to-date condition so you can perform all outdoor chores this summer.

However, when you start searching around for a small engine repair specialists in Ashland, you will find that there are many. So, the question is how will you choose the right one for your tool? No, don’t make a random selection else you may end up getting ripped off or you may find your equipment in more damaged condition.

No matter what part of the country you live in, following are a few tips that will help you choose a right small engine repair specialist in your city.

The more experience, the better: First of all, take help of the internet and shortlist 4-5 professional repair shops in your town. To further narrow down your searches, find out the experience of the mechanics workings in those repair shops. Needless to say, a more experience team will have more insight into the various small engine problems and their most effective repair solutions.
Expertise in all models: Ask the repair shop or visit their website to find out if they can repair all models of small engine machines. Do they have authentic parts of all models available in case any part in your machine needs to be replaced? Knowing answers for these questions will help you make an informed decision.
Customer reviews does matter: Internet has made everything simple and fast. You can visit the repair shop’s website online and check their previous customer reviews. Or you can go traditional way and ask your friends about their recommendations for the best small engine repair shop in the neighborhood. If you find positive reviews about the repair shop you have shortlisted, you may go ahead and hire them for the repair job. You can also visit the repair shop in person to gauge their customer service, expertise and quality of workmanship.

The local repair shops cost less than dealers’ showrooms yet ensure high quality workmanship. They have well trained and experienced staff who can fix any complex problem in economical and quick manner. Many of these repair shops also offer home pick-up and drop-off service for the troubling outdoor power equipment. Consider these tips to choose the Best small engine repair shops in Ashland.

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